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Sonship Parallels

For a question of faith (very timely) & to go through this sort of inspiration for the following thread of thought of 'sonship of source energy' is a very big one to go cover. That is the concept of spiritual sonship & understanding its parallels and how it is applied in a digital modern world. It covers a few things and many more I have yet to grasp to understand. One of the things i have come across are the things that traditional spiritual practices have promoted like love, joy & peace and words like hope, & faith & basic beliefs. I have been raised in the christian faith & very few of the things i was & had been taught stood its ground and more or less the majority of doctrine has been nullified due to an incarnation of new philosophies of the rise of mainstream spirituality including a mixture of teachings and doctrine spurned from eastern religions consolidated in western civilization and entwined in daily living based on the search for better living disciplines besides general well-being. New age culture also had had its daily input on both worlds & the global society has now a pick the fruit in whatever suiting of the individual seeker to apply to their daily day to day agendas for better qualities of lifestyles and basic world view. These are what treads our co-operation with higher source for an honest statement. We all tend to need to all look up after all, don't we? & this acknowledged is a first step to get to the breaking of barriers for the individual. The problem is this. For many years we have gone on the same old train where we took onboard teachings of elders whether itd be our aunts and uncles, or the lack of insights by our parents due to certain dysfunctions & being kids, awol children really, left us to find our own shoes. Our own fit. This particular stage in life is the most crucial as it could take years for an individual to wake up & recognize what this part of life demands. That's where you begin digging deep within & start investigating newer methods of being where wisdom, knowledge & UNDERSTANDING counts the most. Because it is this very thing i would like to express as utmost importance that you would need these aids and divine guidance that would be the foundation for the rest of your life and will be the things that is going to define you. Pin point triggers & through divine guidance you will know how to operate in a world so mad due to losing clarity due to the modern age world we all now live in & i am sure you know the chaos for yourself & its very despair and need for vision. In order for all of us to regress & function the way the rest of existence does. These are the very things I search for before I start claiming that I have found what it is i am looking for. & the search won't end until you really want it to. & once you do find your place in this world, the only thing left is to keep growing within, from the inside out.


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