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Old & new.

Particularly proud of these 2 collaborations recorded with friends in my network.

The following songs & along various more others are available for you all to check out whether on streaming (Spotify, Google Play & most major streaming services) &/or for purchase on iTunes. More to come in the coming future.

Please visit my Facebook page also & keep up with news from me on there.

For those with an instagram here's mine: @5thdanbeats twitter: @danarmani

Peace, love & blessings! P

Experimental hiphop | avantegarde pop producer looking for project placement.

Ala 'Chance The Rapper' & the likes, people seek the difference in the music they support. Here is something in the same thread of philosophy in terms of the music in the beat scene as far as cutting edge though however minimal in complications yet full of a chilled champagne in attitude. Give it a shot. Here is a demo compilation of a work that sums up the best presentation I can offer of the work that it is I do. XWERDZ Instrumentals by Dan Armani Soundz

Visit here also on my homepage for a bio & a few other things that best describes what I am all about.

I am a beatmaker | producer based out in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Welcoming projects &/or industry placements for those looking for something with a minimal yet cutting edge sound with an honest difference.

The pitfalls of mistaken glory.

Alright to the alignment of it all. The great Esther Hicks talks and teaches about it all on as how to live a life of feeling good about yourself. Multi sensory trajections included as well and its going to need it. That's what its going to take to travel in the light as well as maintaining one once you find your guidance. Otherwise, its burdensome knowledge to those who want to act on their convictions and confusing to those who want to pursue it. Me? I am a spiritual person who leans on the teaching and the wisdom of the scriptures written with the sole purpose of having the work of Jesus Christ as its center foundation. Makes me a christian is some ways. & aren't we all whether you are born Catholic, a mystic who follows Catholic traditions, you may even haven't been back to a church ever since you were christened. Whatever. What I want to point out is that we all believe in something. You don't have to be religious to know that. You may believe in your wife, …

Knowledge puffs up but love edifies.

Spirituality, & the nurturement of one's self.

Look, its all possible. Remember when you said these very words probably when you were a kid. Yet, when all was that real, you began to grow up and realise things based on your own travels and personal experience that probably caused disheartenment based on the things you saw. So, hence you turn to something for comfort and deliverance. Probably because you had a lot to do with what you see that probably left a few scars & the very thing that troubles you. & its 100% accurate that it should. Chances are the probability of it all shaping your conscious has every bit of power to shape your world view. Some turn to religion, some to bad habits, & the rest of it. But you will find the journey to be cut short if you don't address the issues it has costed you. & it will just linger on and bite at you until you face the music. This is the turning point for every living soul that ever lived on the face of the earth. Excited? Not too good. If not you'd be pretty much sh…

What to consider as your task and an encouraging word. For today, nothing else.

What to consider as a message and what not to do when you seem like wasting away while carrying the message with you could be very profitable to an individual. Given this life & what you owe to yourself, as well as recognize what you truly owe yourself with. Could work as the solitary key to fruitful days that will define your mistakes and failures, enlighten your today & pre-determine your tomorrow. Some can only encourage you. The rest is up to you, the individual, to take up your bed and walk. Hence, you get up in the morning while hopefully getting some well deserved rest the night before. And after getting up, look for that voice. Within you, around you, above and below. Learn to listen to your own voice. This reasoning is so powerful that you can actually fulfill your goals and dreams in life without the tendency to falling into the traps of however horrible if not disturbing past one has experienced whether anybody experience this or not unless you are a child of provid…

Due To A Fundamental Flaw.

Alright, here we go. Due to a fundamental flaw all anyone can muster has got to be valid. Hence, anything could be just as good &/or just as bad. Yet, who decides? Of course. YOU!

Technology vs. Know-how. (As Bono would say)

Well, what do you say. 2015 is at us & don't you feel it all just sifting in & settling into our pre-occupances. Fair trade? We all wouldn't know how to deal with the future if we are honest enough. As far as industry talk regarding music & the arts & how its related to techonology & current consumerism, it would be adequate to say the fact that you really couldn't believe anybody anymore unless you are easily divided between candy & forebearing fruit. There is no law that specifies your choices as far as free willed individuals, just the age old motto of freedom of choice. Regardless, if you tied that up to modern structures in design that has shaped our community, you can see the obvious end of the tail sticking out like a sore thumb. But it bites just like ordinary days in the past yet now because we are fixated on candy we simply don't want to know any better. Simply because we are by default not crafted that way. We'd love the power to …