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Know Where Your Confidence Is.

Influencers Vs the Artist & Celebrity Culture.

Freedom of thought? Sums up the present day age we are in. In fact, its been brewing for some time. Many people are turning to their own choice of blending into this thread of consciousness that was being sparked in the mainstream for as early since its introduction by spiritual teachers documented beginning in the late 80's to early 90's. Teachers like Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer & the likes. Teachings on mysticism & spiritual practices. Which is great because the world is at this time, becoming very exhausted from the lack of insights & a 'gut-instinct' that can only be spawned & derived from spiritual awareness. Then, came the tech boom & what a perfect way to express yourself, using modern day technology & giants in the social media realm like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Hence, these branding of people have been taking place & we have yet discovered its full capacity. Age old realms of industry like Hollywood films & places like music heav…

5th Dan Beats - As Above So Below (avante hiphop, downbeat, chillout, li...

Q & A Sessions Segment 1 (initial breakdown)

Questions of faith & reasoning.

Well, 2018. This makes this my very first entry for the year. I am caught up in the words I may have or haven't read about &/or spoke of in my early days of seeking the Christian faith & what I write about in this blog. & I am happy I have questioned myself & how scripture even may be still applicable today. Or if this didn't, it'd be still honestly the question of how it ever really did. I am a spiritual person & whether nature of belief is perfect, consider questions that points to the imperfection in you. The imperfections in us. Knowledge is worth nothing without further benefit. Thus, causing one to start questioning the reasons of why even bother seeking utopia when all else is hardly reached & seldom understood. Scripture for example raises a lot of issues, questions, fears & doubts. & double the trouble. Pretty scary to be real with it. Its what fuels my drive, desire & passion to communicate these specific questions through art …