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Old & new.

Particularly proud of these 2 collaborations recorded with friends in my network.

The following songs & along various more others are available for you all to check out whether on streaming (Spotify, Google Play & most major streaming services) &/or for purchase on iTunes. More to come in the coming future.

Please visit my Facebook page also & keep up with news from me on there.

For those with an instagram here's mine: @5thdanbeats twitter: @danarmani

Peace, love & blessings! P

Experimental hiphop | avantegarde pop producer looking for project placement.

Ala 'Chance The Rapper' & the likes, people seek the difference in the music they support. Here is something in the same thread of philosophy in terms of the music in the beat scene as far as cutting edge though however minimal in complications yet full of a chilled champagne in attitude. Give it a shot. Here is a demo compilation of a work that sums up the best presentation I can offer of the work that it is I do. XWERDZ Instrumentals by Dan Armani Soundz

Visit here also on my homepage for a bio & a few other things that best describes what I am all about.

I am a beatmaker | producer based out in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Welcoming projects &/or industry placements for those looking for something with a minimal yet cutting edge sound with an honest difference.