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Musicality: A creative function.

The sole purpose of music whether for healing or just entertainment or both is the very first thing a listener will come across when listening to music the first time. The feel of a song, sonics that touch the soul for healing. As a music fan, growing up listening to almost everything, I have carried the tunes over time as a grown up adult without losing the songs or a beat in daily living. The songs are in our heads, soul, spirit & mind. & engraved in our hearts for a time & season, where they resonate the most. These are some of the aspirations of mine that have manifested themselves through inspiration & influence of the songs I carried with me up to this day & age. You'll hear new wave, punk rock, alternative music & dance tones in the presented instrumentals I have below on here.

Music by 5th Dan Beats

Selective on the music i post online, here's one i am particularly proud of. Available to network & open to collaborations.

A lot going on..

the greatest definition of success is knowing what counts the most & being able to handle these core values while successfully co-existing with harmony amongst others.