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Spirituality, & the nurturement of one's self.

Look, its all possible. Remember when you said these very words probably when you were a kid. Yet, when all was that real, you began to grow up and realise things based on your own travels and personal experience that probably caused disheartenment based on the things you saw. So, hence you turn to something for comfort and deliverance. Probably because you had a lot to do with what you see that probably left a few scars & the very thing that troubles you. & its 100% accurate that it should. Chances are the probability of it all shaping your conscious has every bit of power to shape your world view. Some turn to religion, some to bad habits, & the rest of it. But you will find the journey to be cut short if you don't address the issues it has costed you. & it will just linger on and bite at you until you face the music. This is the turning point for every living soul that ever lived on the face of the earth. Excited? Not too good. If not you'd be pretty much shaken up about the here and nows. Unless you're prepared to live a life that are too distant from deep waters, you may end up making some crucial choices that will start your search for your place in this world. Some get a college degree to embetter themselves and others. & an embetterment of one's options as far as financial security and an overall 'keep' in life and do daily life on a daily basis with a cup of coffee in the morning as everyday starts. That's fine. Some choose a more popular option which is to question themselves the biggest question of all which is, 'why' & 'what now'. Not too many people have the luxury of the Hilton sisters, or being CEO of a company, yet to those that are, I salute you. Yet, for the rest of the world the questions never seems to end. & that's alright too as it serves as a compass to your own very soul which will be a sure shot to leading someone to brass tax. Which is your core nature and the very essence that you are which is spirit. I'd recommend for anyone to seriously pin point that way within your being and ask a bunch of questions though you may want to lose a few things. Only through facing this memento and in being on and on real about it and facing every rigid edge and untouched parts of your make up as a human being as detailed as you can be will one can only begin to identify what it is that can actually ignite a spark onto a journey of fulfillment and the lessening of being afraid to ask for any better. I urge anyone to do it, as sincere adherance can only be the only suffice thing that can separate you from the herd whom you so loved dearly in love and hate that can most certainly follow a sequence of events that may even lead you to a life of wonder and sheer risque so joyous if you give it the time. Its a life worth living. Be encouraged. Be young. Be still. Be peace. Be love. Be the life in yours.


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