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Interpreting where its all seemingly going.

Already we are bringing the scars & history of pain with ourselves as we begin to enter this current present year. For most people in most countries, not inclusive of economic status, the questions are at us. I feel it, & i sense its urgency. I have no idea what this year means for the worker, the office staff & your daily play of politics and rat race. That i can guarantee you will never ever change. Just our methodology probably needs to as these cards have gone on forever. & reform has been the basis of our motivations. The shoes are the same, coloured with the same stains, though everybody loves a new pair. Clothes too, as well as a holiday 'working'. I have grown up in the western world for more than half of my life and the sun shines a little brighter where I am. & its been a real situation to go with & code a life by. Very privileged being able to enjoy what i do & most of all the life I live. I make beats the same way as anybody out there so didn't short myself of training for that matter. It doesn't matter much nowadays. What I am faced with and questioned on matters for is the fact that nobody likes talking about dead matters & it just so happens to be very obvious & prevalently a reasonable obsevation based on what i now would like to say people are slowly leaving there concerns behind. But i am not worried about the music industry. People are beginning to let go and that is a very good & great thing to brace an unknown future with. Lets be consistently honest from the get go. Everybody is looking in search for a party but the lives we live will obscure everything when we don't cover current burden & pains as real human beings responsible enough to do so. Otherwise, the party will & could really never start. It'll cost friction, loss, & a horrible sense of direction. So, without furtherly heaping coals on our heads even further more, we should really encourage ourselves & ourselves first before others to really don't play life like a bunch of bratty rich kids knowing no further than food & liquor. If that makes sense to you &/or anybody you know. Lets observe with honest opinion & reciprocate our energies past the time lapse & apply what we need to apply no matter the pain & discomfort. For some like me on occasions, nothing bothers me. Though I won't and can't be helped facing that eventually as by life's design, nobody ever really escape from everything in life. There will always be another thing to deal with like new medicine to take after recovering from past conditions. So, inhale exhale. No pain no gain. Age old antics. Antique in history, no word play. That's where what we lay bare will affect how this new year will unfold. Lets be prepared for more questions & wisdom is a sister. That's what will propel everything from trash to gold. & if you were me, I'd leave unmet expectations we have set for ourselves & whether you say that that's a cowardly thing to do, there is nothing more wiser than lowering your standards in order to experience real growth.


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