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The most reasonable quest in existence is how to tie up and make sense of the void and emptiness within our own make up and how we tackle this undying question of our own personal quest and the sequences of our life that can be so devoid of the very purpose that we seek. The answer to everyone's question: regeneration. Its the most frustrating question of all as human lifespan is not enough to understand this search let alone grasp and apply it to our short lives. This is an inner working of The Spirit Creator as there is no other qualified above the authority of a Deity that is any other. There is no other. Bite your tongue, it beholds the power of life and death. Jesus of Nazareth was nailed to the cross for this very purpose. That was why He was born. There is no other that could ever change the calendar the way He did. God sent. He had the Spirit of the regenerated man. The human dilemma rests on His life. Not as a model of admiration alone but also as insight to what a regenerated life can seem so good at first look. Its not pain free, nor does it mean that you get a free meal due to things we as a whole have signed up to make the mess that we did. No, it means simply this. Just as a father disciplines his child so does Spirit. How else would we know where to look for guidance? Once, faithless, turn to all sorts of philosophies in life to find that trying turning to having faith in something outside ourselves. That's the pivotal focal point of a regenerated life. Having faith in faith is simply just as tiresome as having no faith at all. Faith outside and above ourselves is something else. You will be welcomed with a life of a new reason to wake up in the morning outside peripherals that can be helped by anyone. Unless you face your own seasons that you would already probably know what it could be despite what it is. The difference is you have a new pivot foot. Perfection is on everybody's minds but does anyone seriously think that it could come to us based on our successes?You are begetting an impossible question as nobody has the right to the key to such a splendour. Nobody is that qualified to question God and blame Him for something that we did. Refer to the 40-year Israelite desert story lead by Moses who turned rivers into blood & parted the sea. Same God, same stubborn people. You looking for perfection derived from our own merits is as absurd as questioning why bad things happen all the time. Just see how you treat your neighbours for starters and if you have missed visiting a friend in hospital because you were too busy self serving your own agendas while you owe your parents an apology for breaking the windows deliberately because you didn't see them as anymore than support for your selfish agendas and forget that they only serve your purposes and then, once granted you can go on your merry way. Ungrateful, bitter & haters of your own family. You probably have brothers and sisters & families, cousins, aunts & uncles etc. You don't fix a problem by running out from it. & you cannot face this crucial point in the stages of your life without the aid of the Spirit simply because you need His regeneration. Flesh begets flesh, & same with the Spirit. Then watch your society outpour in vigour & communities change. We turn a blind eye to it because we see the world to be not worth the penny outside our own agendas of personal gain. But, then ask, where's the love.


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